1. Leasing Services in Yarmouth Village, Maine:  
Office Space, Apartments, and Single Family Homes
2. Real Estate Investment Partnerships 
with other like-minded long-term real estate investors  
3. Real Estate Consulting Services 

NEST-EGGS, LLC                         Real Estate Investment and Development Group 

Leigh Canfield
General Partner
Scott Canfield
General Partner
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Our primary focus is to be the leader in providing quality office space in Yarmouth Village, Maine.  We also provide a number of apartment and single family home rentals. We are a relationship driven small business, centered on trust and respect. Our vision is to be viewed as the best, most responsive, and most courteous landlords and property owners in our area of market expertise. 

We take extra measures to assess the appropriate tenant mix for each one of our properties,  insuring that people compliment one another, and are in the space that is just right for them. 

We are also committed to ensure that each property is superiorly maintained, so that our customers are comfortable, happy, and proud of their building and space. We view our tenants as our valued customers, and are committed to meet their needs;  day by day, each one at a time.

For more Information on our properties please click on the links below: 

Office Space Properties 

Residential Properties

Vacation Properties

In addition to our real estate investment portfolio, we are also able and willing to partner with others interested in real estate investment opportunities in Cumberland County and other appropriate areas in this great state of Maine. 

If you are looking to invest in real estate in Maine, we would be pleased to discuss possible opportunities to partner. We will work closely with interested parties to develop investment strategies, direction, and provide skills, experience, marketplace knowledge, business acumen, and our talented and trusted network of people here in Maine.  

We understand what it takes to investest wisely, both short term and long term. We will work with others who posess similar values, and believe in the core real estate investment strategies which we have imbedded into our business models over the past 20 years.    
For select customers, we are able to provide real estate planning and acquisitions services. Whether it be 
investing in land, residential housing or commercial real estate, we are able to offer real time guidance including appraisal services, strategic planning,  real estate market research, transaction management, leasing strategies, and property management.