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General Partner
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NEST-EGGSLLC is a small family owned real estate investment firm, which manages its own properties, and provides office space and residential housing for those who prefer to work and/or live in a wonderful town called Yarmouth,  Maine. 

Over the past nearly thirty years, we have built a portfolio of commercial and residential properties in the Yarmouth Village area,  and have slowly developed into leaders in the Yarmouth Village office space and residential markets. 

We now have nearly 60 primarily commercial tenants,  which we refer to as valued customers, and continue to grow. 

Other capabilities and services that we are able to provide include development of real estate investment partnerships with other long-term like-minded investors, and real estate consulting services.           

Our Mission is to provide service which exceeds our tenant's expectations, with a focus on the community. We define our success by the following:     

We are committed to listening,  and meeting the needs of each one of our tenants and customers. One by one.  

If you have needs for office space or an apartment in this area, are looking to expand your business in this area,  or have needs for other services that we are able to provide, we would be honored to have you as a valued customer. 
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142 West Elm Street, Yarmouth, Maine
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